Sidari Corfu

Holidays to Sidari are not about quiet, contemplative journeys through ancient cultures, or discovering history. Holidays to Sidari are about Fun (yes, that should be with a capital F) in the sun and there are few places to rival it. Sidari holidays – and parties - in style, so if you like your entertainment loud and lively, look no further. choose a hotel like the Alkion, or apartments at Eleni, Spiros or Sunny Corfu, grab last minute holidays to Sidari and pack for the beach. The sand is soft, the sea is tempting and the sun smiles down on the holiday-makers. If you have children you can relax; the beach is clean and slopes gently into the calm water, and the shallows stretch way out. And if you don't have children that means you're free to make the most of that other reason that all inclusive holidays to Sidari– one of the largest and liveliest resorts on the entire island – are so popular. The nightlife. There are clubs, bars, pubs and English and traditional restaurants galore – we challenge you to get round them all in a week – each one ready to help you party dusk-till-dawn. And then Sidari holidays spring a surprise. Take a walk just north of the centre of town and you'll discover beautiful little coves and inlet carved by the turquoise sea into sandstone cliffs. Late deals to Sidari really do feature something for everyone.

The holiday resort of Sidari is is located on the striking current day island of Corfu (also called Kerkyra). Corfu is an idylic island featuring breathtaking rugged cliffs on the west coast, lively and quiet resorts, splendid beaches sprinkled with umbrellas and sun-loungers, idyllic villages , fertile valleys, green forests and mountains to the north with sweeping views of the island, mainland Greece, Albania and even Italy (from Mount Prantokrator) on a clear day. There are plenty of excursions when it comes to taking in the sights of Corfu island. Why not book an excursion directly from Tondoris Studios And Apartments. If you're seeking a truly lovely and popular Greek island location then you're sure to fall for the holiday paradise of Corfu, so why not book a stay in Sidari.